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Genuine Passion for

Cinematic Storytelling

Founded in 2010 by Independent Filmmaker Bradley Olsen

About the Founder

Bradley Olsen began working in video in 2001 as an intern at a local video production company that produced industrial videos and infomercials. Soon after that he became actively involved in Utah's independent film community.

Throughout his career Brad has worked on all types of projects as a camera operator and cinematographer, media manager and digital imaging technician, as well as an editor and post-production supervisor. In addition to working on local independent films, Brad has provided his services to BBC Worldwide Productions, CW, Spike TV, SyFy, BYU TV, and The Hallmark Channel. 

Brad recently completed his directorial debut, Off The Tracks, a documentary about the impact that Final Cut Pro X is having on the film, television, and video production industries.

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